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About Us
Our mission is simple:

"Megarbane & Co cannot stay static. It must grow to meet the new threats on life.
The threats are too immense and there are too many lives at stake.

Our Buisiness Focus:

A - Distribution of Cosmetics

B - Representation & Trading with the leading companies. Glad to visit our three main divisions:

1- Chemicals and Dyestuffs

- All types of Chemicals
- Dyestuffs

2- Textile

- Machineries + Accessories
- Chemicals
- Dyestuffs
- Auxiliaries
- Yarn / Fibers (POY & staple fiber)

3- Films

PVC & Aluminum Foils

4- Papers

- Machines and Accessories
- Chemicals
- Dyestuffs
- Auxiliaries
- Pulp , Waste Paper , Papers

Who Are We?
Our History

Foundation in the name of ARA & Co

New Organization in the name of Establishment ARA.

New Organization in the name of Megarbane & Co.

Our Divisions

" We do not supply technology, but full technology transporter by creating new challenge and tailor made solutions to work successful in all Industrial Projects. "



Welcome to Megarbane & Co. Website


We are supplying and importing Chemicals and Dyestuffs from our main representatives

Who are among the leaders world wide in their respective domains

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Megarbane & Co. offers various product ranges related to the following industries:


We are Covering Syria through
Our two offices in
Aleppo and Damascus

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+963 21 2123001,2,3

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